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KAE, Inc. specializes in road, sewer, and water projects in rural Alaskan villages. KAE has helped multiple rural Alaska communities address their water and sewer needs as well as their transportation needs for over 16 years. KAE not only designs, plans, and provides construction management services for these projects, but also aids villages in the funding process required to see a project become a reality.

KAE has assisted tribal governments in preparing grant applications and has designed and provided construction management services for many water and sewer systems throughout rural Alaska. These projects have included the construction of lift stations, wastewater lagoons, and piped water and sewer systems. Construction of these projects always emphasizes utilizing force labor accounts (local hires). To find out more about funding water and sewer programs through the State of Alaska, click on Village Safe Water Program to view their home page.

Since 1997, KAE has assisted dozens of Tribes in preparing and updating long range transportation plans. KAE has submitted hundreds of miles of roads, trails and boardwalks/boardroads to the Bureau of Indian Affairs' IRR inventory programs for their tribal government clients. In many cases KAE has gone on to assist their clients in getting their priority projects out of the planning stage and into design and construction. To find out more about funding transportation projects through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, click here on BIA.

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